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Hand blown, slumped and leaded 玻璃 is a valley specialty, as is custom 陶瓷 and iron work. As you walk downtown, immerse yourself in this incredible 艺术 form. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of 艺术 in action!


Photography and painting take their inspiration from our spectacular surroundings. With great local photographers taking their love of Ouray to new heights, it attracts other photographers from all over the world to capture the raw beauty of Ouray.

Our locals are very talented and you can see for yourself throughout the Main Street stores.


  • 前画廊


    As you enter this gallery you will be surrounded by paint, 打印, 陶瓷, 金属, 玻璃, 木, 青铜, 和更多的. Beautiful work done by amazing 艺术ists.



  • 艺术画廊


    Revisit sensory delights of the San Juan’s back in the comfort of your home or office with a beautiful piece of Mike’s 艺术. Soothe your mind and relive the memories of your San Juan Mountain love affair… until you can return. These fine 艺术 giclee 打印s are made from original watercolor or oil paintings.

  • Ouray的照片


    Take a piece of Ouray home with you. Ouray的照片 offers stunning images of this mountain town. If you are visiting, be sure to stop in the gallery located on Main Street.

  • Skol Scultpure工作室

    Skol Scultpure工作室

    Skol工作室 & 设计公司. specializes in designing and building unique handcrafted pieces of architectural 金属work and furniture. This can include structural elements of a home such as stairs, gates, railings and decks.


  • People designing pottery in studio


    Whether you're looking for a unique gift or are a curious budding potter looking for a creative outlet, our studio space offers a nurturing environment for everyone!

  • Person Blowing Colorful Glass Ball

    Ouray玻璃器皿 & 陶器

    Handblown 玻璃 and handcrafted pottery created on-site. When you visit this shop, ask to go to the back and watch the magic happen.

  • 圣胡安波特公会


    圣胡安波特公会 primary focuses on nurturing the creative community. 当你进入, you may see 艺术ists making pottery, teaching new skills and techniques, and fueling each other’s creative spirit.


  • Man winning an award with two girls clapping behind

    Ouray International Film Festival

    The Ouray International Film Festival is an intimate and cinematic experience showcasing transformative films from all over the world. With a high number of 艺术ists in atten跳舞, you will have the opportunity to talk with filmmakers and learn from industry professionals and scholars. We hope you will join our community from June 20-23, 2024, for four days of jury selected films, 小组讨论, 奖, 和派对.

  • Image of the Wright Opera House


    The Friends of the Wright Opera House are dedicated to restoring and preserving the 1888 historic Wright Opera House, providing a venue for quality 艺术s, 教育, 还有社会事件, thus contributing to the economic and cultural vitality of the Ouray area.

  • 3 Actors Dressed in period clothing


    自命不凡的人 seeks to Awaken, Enliven & Entertain audiences in Ouray County and beyond, by presenting professional quality theater and 教育 through a Rural/Urban collaboration of 艺术ists.


  • 圣胡安室内音乐节 Schedule


    The annual 圣胡安室内音乐节, OCPAG的旗舰活动, features a group of chamber musicians of international acclaim, under the 艺术istic direction of renowned concert pianist Max Levinson. 在一起, they produce a number of concerts and events in Ouray and Ridgway over the course of a week each August.

  • 音乐及创客节 poster with date, time and location


    Join us on September 3rd for a FREE event full of music, 艺术, 啤酒, 酒, 现场表演及更多! This event is a perfect way to spend a Sunday in the mountains of Ouray during Labor Day.


  • St. 艾尔莫的酒店房间


    Don’t wait last minute to get your room. Summer and fall are a popular time of year to visit, so don’t miss out!

  • 人们碰杯


    While you are here take a look at all our restaurants, 我们的酒廊和花园, 啤酒厂, 和酒厂!

  • 乐队与人群自拍


    Ouray is a year-round destination. It seems there is always something happening. So plan your trip around events we have, or simply see what else you can do while you are here.


  • Ouray Made Logo with colorful ribbon wrapped around logo


    有创造力的人是艺术家. Not just a painter or musician or writer. She is someone who sees the world a little differently than others.

  • 艺术场景我们的文字


    艺术景观之旅! is an alliance between local 艺术s organizations whose mission is to support Ouray’s unique 艺术-making identity and to lift up 艺术ists and makers who are contributing to a thriving creative culture in the 乌拉尔市.

  • Lines that form mountains and sky

    Ouray County 表演艺术 Guild

    The Ouray County 表演艺术 Guild is a not-for-profit organization, bringing high-quality events in music, 跳舞, theater and other genres to Ouray and Ridgway since 1983. We sponsor a year-round calendar of exciting concerts and performances for the enjoyment of Ouray County’s residents, 游客与青年.